Twitter for PD

Twitter is a powerful resource for just-in-time, personalized professional learning. I often use Twitter to solve problems that I encounter when using a new tool or to brainstorm ideas on a new or unfamiliar topic. I love having immediate access to new ideas, other teachers, and a wider network of professionals. Content on Twitter is… Continue reading Twitter for PD

Final Blog Post

Part 1: What have you learned? I started this course with a solid practical understanding of technology integration and a lot of experience locating, evaluating, and selecting digital tools. That said, much of my experience was grounded in intuition and anecdotal experience. This course provided me with a deeper understanding of the frameworks that guide… Continue reading Final Blog Post

Mac Accessibility Settings

When considering the integration of technology in the educational setting, we often categorize the technology in a few ways. Instructional technology, which is a fairly broad category of educational technology, is primarily concerned with teaching and learning (Roblyer, 2016). Thus far in this course, we have concentrated heavily on the integration of instructional technology in the… Continue reading Mac Accessibility Settings